To decorate a house with a large stature and unique architectural design requires a vision, a strategic plan and of course a highly experienced team proficient in interior and furniture design. The owners of this particular ocean-front home located in beautiful Bakhoven, Cape Town, as well as the architect, had a strong artistic vision and called upon Aura Interiors to help bring it to life.

All furniture and accessories were customised to suit the theme envisioned by the owners. Oak wood, black accents and exposed concrete were weaved throughout the entire home, creating a sense of unity. The result was a stunning interior that both respected the contemporary design of the home and reflected their inviting, relaxed personalities.





This stunning oak wood bookshelf was custom designed to the exact size and style requirements provided by the owners. However, should the owners wish to change the layout, each shelving upright is adjustable. The matte black perspex backdrop adds depth, while the black mild steel legs shaped around the oak skirting add height to the shelf in an unconventional way. To provide a warm light to the space, we added a modern, asymmetrical floor lamp, also in oak wood and black.





In the kitchen, we added warmth to the industrial exposed concrete ceilings with wood incorporated with warm white lighting along the edges. The Eames DWS dining chairs, in matte black, are the perfect addition to this space, adding both style and undeniable comfort, while matching their dining table perfectly.




The foyer’s bright, open space, exposed concrete wall and unique staircase are eye-catching just as they are. So how do you style this space without overpowering it? Together with the owners, we decided on a minimalist approach. The custom bench, again incorporating their oak wood and black theme, is the perfect seating area while the grey and red rug add just the right pop of colour.

A house is so much more than a functional space to eat, sleep and find shelter. It’s the perfect opportunity to showcase artistic style, personality and to create a home. Don’t be shy to incorporate your unique style into your home and make it your own.

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